Tartu tilaisuuteen - Kutsu maailma kotiisi!

Sopisiko kotiinne kenties amerikkalainen, italialainen, saksalainen tai japanilainen vaihto-oppilas?

Haemme nyt  2020 saapuville mahtaville nuorille  suomen/ruotsin kielisiä isäntäperheitä . 

Annamme mielellämme lisätietoa oppilaistamme ja ohjelmasta.

ASSEn kautta tulee Suomeen vuosittain 15-18 v. mukavia  vaihto-oppilaita useista eri maista mm. Aasiasta, Pohjois- ja Etelä-Amerikasta, Euroopasta  ja Australiasta.  

Kaikilta vaihto-oppilailta edellytetään äidinkielensä osaamisen lisäksi hyvää englannin kielen taitoa ja koulumenestystä. Nuoret ovat innostuneita tietämään ja oppimaan enemmän Suomesta.

Vaihto-oppilaat käyvät lukiota ikätovereidensa kanssa ja asuvat perheenjäsenenä suomalaisessa isäntäperheessä. 

Oppilaat tulevat Suomeen suurimmaksi osaksi elokuussa kun koulut alkavat, mutta osa tulee myös  tammikuussa.  Oppilaat lähtevät kotiin lukukauden/-vuoden päätyttyä.

He käyvät suomen- tai ruotsinkielistä lukiota ja viipyvät kouluvuoden n. 10 kk tai lukukauden n. 4-5 kk. ASSE järjestää oppilaalle koulupaikan paikallisesta lukiosta.

Isäntäperheitä tarvitaan myös lyhyemmäksi aikaa esim. perheenvaihdon yhteydessä sekä ns. Welcome perheitä vähintään 3 kuukaudeksi.

Vakuutus, taskuraha, säännöt

Vaihto-oppilailla on täysin kattava sairaus-, tapaturma- ja vastuuvakuutus sekä  vanhemmiltaan n. 200-250 € /kk omaa taskurahaa,  jolla he maksavat mm.  vaatteensa, harrastukset, koulutarvikkeet ja -matkat.  

Vaihto-oppilaiden tulee sopeutua perheen, koulun ja organisaation sääntöihin, tähän he ovat kirjallisesti sitoutuneet.

Etsimme nyt isäntäperheitä syksyllä 2020 Suomeen saapuville uusille oppilaille:

Elias, Saksa, 16v

Saksalainen Elias-poika on syntynyt tammikuussa 2004. Hänen perheeseensä kuuluu vanhempien lisäksi 11-vuotias pikkusisko, sekä 20- ja 22-vuotiaat isoveljet

Harrastukset: musiikki, pyöräily, urheilu (käsipallo, laskettelu, lentopallo, vaeltaminen)

Kielitaito: englannin lisäksi Elias on opiskellut latinaa

I play three instruments so far, guitar, double bass and piano. With those instruments I play in two orchestras and I like really like singing as well. Sadly this hobby of music doesn’t leave much space for others hobbies, which is why I´m not in a sports club anymore but I´ve participated in a handball team and a club for athletics two and five years ago. 

The only way I get some sport in my free time is the bike ride to school and the jogging from time to time.

My family and I are on vacation every year and we visited many countries that´s why I was in Finland before where I visited Turku, Tampere and Helsinki. We also were on skiing vacation and I´ve practiced cross country ski one year ago.

Flavie, Ranska, 17v

Ranskalainen Flavie-tyttö on syntynyt marraskuussa 2002. Hänen perheeseensä kuuluu vanhemmat sekä 14-vuotias pikkusisko. 

Harrastukset:  Uinti, lukeminen, musiikkikerho

Kielitaito: Flavie on opiskellut saksaa

I live in a little town situated in medium mountains in France (Jura). Here, there are no big cities, only few little towns. There are a lot of lakes, ski stations, farms… It’s close to Switzerland.

During my free time, I swim lots (between 6 and 8 hours by the weeks), and some week-ends I go to some competitions. I also give swimming lesson on Wednesday to children (they are between 3 and 10 years old). When I have time, I like to watch series and films, to play games with my family, reading, knitting… I’m part of the music club of my high school that we hold with my friends. We write our own musics and we make some covers (the majority in French but also in English).

Aliette, Ranska, 16v

Ranskalainen Aliette-tyttö on syntynyt kesäkuussa 2004. Hänen perheeseensä kuuluu vanhemmat sekä 13-vuotias pikkuveli. 

Harrastukset:  Laskettelu, piirtäminen, lukeminen, ruoanlaitto, huilun soitti

Kielitaito: Aliette opiskelee kaksikielisessä koulussa, koska on asunut lapsuutensa USA:ssa ja puhuu kieltä täydellisesti. Aliette on opiskellut myös espanjaa ja japania.

I play flute since I was 8, I like different kind of music but mostly classical.

I have big passion in winter sports , each winter I go skiing with my family. I`m a massive fan of Winter Olympics. I like when it is cold and snowing. From all Northern countries Finland is the country I really want to discover. 

I`m a creative person and on weekends I draw and paint (with water color paint) a lot in my bedroom, I draw plenty of landscapes from trips I did in the past,.

I also enjoy reading., Harry Potter is my favorite. I love cooking too, I try to invent my own recipes (it is not always a success though!) and sometimes it makes something really good and all my family enjoys it. My favorite dessert is chocolate cake with raspberry jelly.

  Alice, Italia, 17v

Italialainen Alice-tyttö on syntynyt huhtikuussa 2003. Hänen perheeseensä kuuluu vanhempien lisäksi 13- ja 18-vuotiaat siskot.

Harrastukset: Musiikin kuuntelu, elokuvat, tanssi, lentopallo, voimistelu, tennis, pilates

Kielitaito: englannin lisäksi Alice on opiskellut ranskaa

In my family there five members: a mom, a dad and two sisters, the older and the younger, they are very close to me, I’m very close to them, but they know that one of my dreams is travelling, and spend a year far away from home is a good way to start. Every Sunday my family is reunited with my relatives for having lunch together. 

I am a sportive person, I like to try new sports so I practiced many different sports like tennis, volleyball, horse riding, basket, dance for nine years, gym, Pilates. In my free time I go out with my friends or I read fantasy, horror, history books, and I listen music.

I have two main passions: music and cinema. I really like rock and heavy metal music and I can sing well. 

  Morgane, Italia, 17v

Italialainen Morgane-tyttö on syntynyt tammikuussa 2003. Hänen perheeseensä kuuluu äiti ja kaksossisko.

Harrastukset: Teatteri, voimistelu, uinti, elokuvat

Kielitaito: Morgane on opiskellut englantia ja puhuu toisena äidinkielenään ranskaa.

I live with my mother and sister in northern Italy. I speak both Italian and French bilingually because my mother is French. My sister and I are twins. Next year she will go abroad for the exchange program, but she choose USA.

At school I am part of the theatre group and I have a lot of fun. It allows me to express myself and to meet many new friends. Another thing that I really like is artistic gymnastics. I also swim that I really like even if when I dive I look a bit like a penguin.

I like a lot the animals in fact at home we have three cats, but my grandmother has many dogs and I always play with them. Until last year I also did horseback riding and still love horses, they are beautiful animals and intelligent and always creates a special bond with them.

  Rachele, Italia, 17v (Suomessa 3kk elo-marraskuu)

Italialainen Rachele-tyttö on syntynyt maaliskuussa 2003. Hänen perheeseensä kuuluu vanhemmat ja 8-vuotias pikkusisko.

Harrastukset: Judo, piirtäminen, lukeminen, elokuvat, musiikin kuuntelu

Kielitaito: englannin lisäksi Rachele on opiskellut ranskaa

I live with my mom, my stepdad, and my step sister; I go to my dad’s house on the weekend and sometimes during the week; we all get along well, even if I and my sister argue very often…

I live in a wonderful city near a lake and the mountains, during a very period of the year you can see beautiful landscapes.

I am a very active girl and I love all kinds of sports. When I was little, I played a lot of sports, such as volleyball and karate, and I’ve practiced ballet for ten years, but after I’m much time it got boring and I started Judo, at fourteen years old. I usually train twice a week, I sometimes help my teachers with the little kids. When I have time I go swimming, to strengthen my back and my arms since I don’t go to the gym. I have never missed a match, and in just three years I’ve competed in eight provincial tournaments and four regional qualifications, I’m looking forward to winning an Italian championship someday, but for now, I give my all to the regular matches.

Music has played a big role in my life, and in fact, I still love it: I don’t have a favourite song or kind of music, because what really matters to me is the lyrics, even though right now I mostly listen to rap, another hobby of mine and reading like favorite books are mostly thrillers.

  Prae, Thaimaa, 16v

Thaimaalainen Prae-tyttö on syntynyt joulukuussa 2003. Hänen perheeseensä kuuluu vanhemmat sekä 16-, 18- ja 19-vuotiaat siskot. 

Harrastukset:  lukeminen, piano/kosketinsoitin, pyöräily

Kielitaito: englannin lisäksi Prae on opiskellut kiinaa ja japania

When I have free time, I enjoy reading books, playing keyboard and listening to music. I love Acoustic music and I wish I could try practicing guitar and drum too. 

At school, I study in science-math program and it’s really challenging. I study for eight hours a day and my house is far from school so I don’t have much time to participate in clubs or activities. If I had time, I would love to participate in music club. For study, my favorite subjects are physics and biology.

  Peggy, Taiwan, 16v

Taiwanilainen Peggy-tyttö on syntynyt lokakuussa 2004. Hänen perheeseensä kuuluu vanhemmat sekä 17-vuotias isosisko. 

Harrastukset:  liuqinin (kiinalainen mandoliini) soittaminen, musiikin kuuntelu ja lenkkeily

I've been learning to play Liuqin since I was seven years old. Even though I've been busy studying school subjects every day since I was in ninth grade, I'll still practice playing the Liuqin every day. I also managed to win music competitions when I'm in 6th and 8th grade.

In my free time, I like listening to music, reading novels or jogging, swimming, and so on. During the holidays, I want to go to the concert hall with my family to see the performance, or rent movies and watch it at home. Moreover, I like to go hiking with my family, not only can exercise but also enjoy bathing in natural surroundings.

I went to Finland for ten days in January 2019, and my first impression of it was the cold winter. When I got to Inari, there was heavy snow. Although the cold weather was challenging for Taiwanese to adapt to, the air was much fresher than Taiwan's. Furthermore, the streets were also clean.

Ethan, USA (Florida), 16v

Amerikkalainen Ethan-poika on syntynyt elokuussa 2004. Hänen perheeseensä kuuluu vanhemmat sekä 10- ja 12-vuotiaat pikkusiskot. 

Harrastukset:  Valokuvaus, digitaide, matematiikkakerho

Kielitaito: Ethan on opiskellut viittomakieltä

I live in the US within the sunny state of Florida. I’m an avid photographer and I like to think of myself as a pretty good one at that. I enjoy taking photos of landscapes, plants, and nature all around. Along with that, I like to go the extra step and enhance the images in photo-editing software like photoshop and lightroom, which make the images pop like something out of a magazine. I take interest in digital art and graphic design that can be used in tandem with my photography experience or as a professional job. I’m also an active member of Mu Alpha Theta (or MAO), a friendly but equally competitive math honors society in which I participate in competitions across the country.

Aileen, USA (Colorado), 16v (Suomessa 5kk)

Amerikkalainen Aileen-tyttö on syntynyt helmikuussa 2004. Hänen perheeseensä kuuluu vanhemmat sekä 18- ja 25-vuotiaat isosiskot. 

Harrastukset:  lukeminen, kirjoittaminen, kitaransoitto ja politiikan sekä maailman tapahtuminen seuraaminen

Kielitaito: Aileen on opiskellut vähän espanjaa

My interests they are creative writing-from short stories to poetry, reading (mostly young adult with the occasional classic or adult), catching up on the news, learning guitar- which I recently started doing, hanging out with my friends, listening to music, history and social issues including politics. Spending time with my friends outside of school is important to me because I don’t always have the same classes and meeting out of school is more personal. We do activities that we all enjoy, like eating or watching TV. Since I love creative writing, I am part of a club at school for this and I have been a tutor in my school writing center for a few months, helping anyone I am able to; I am also a member of National Honors Society which is a club for community service and volunteering.

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