Tartu tilaisuuteen - Kutsu maailma kotiisi!

Sopisiko kotiinne kenties amerikkalainen, italialainen, saksalainen tai japanilainen vaihto-oppilas?

Haemme nyt  elokuussa 2019 saapuville mahtaville nuorille  suomen/ruotsin kielisiä isäntäperheitä .

Annamme mielellämme lisätietoa oppilaistamme ja ohjelmasta.

Elio, 17v. Italia

Elio-poika saapuu Suomeen elokuussa, 10 kuukaudeksi.

Elion perheeseen kuuluu vanhempien lisäksi 11-vuotias sisko.

Harrastukset: musiikin kuuntelu ja kuntosali

“I usually go to the gym (I would like to try and to do some other sports but I think I’m too shy for that). I love listening to music, it’s my favouritehobby. I mostly listen to pop music, played by singers like Shawn Mendes or Sia. I always listen to music: in facts sometimes when I’m home alone I sing out loud even if I not so good at singing! 

Studying is really important to me. In my school we also study Latin and Ancient Greek; most of my classmates say that they are really boring and hard, but I like them.

My biggest dream is to become a doctor, particularly I would like to have a degree in emergency medicine. I think that helping others is one of the most important things and because of that I want to be a doctor, so I can help who needs it.”

Leda, 17v. Italia

Leda-tyttö saapuu Suomeen elokuussa, 10 kuukaudeksi.

Ledan perheeseen kuuluu vanhempien lisäksi 13-vuotias sisko.

Harrastukset: musiikki (kitaran ja basson soittaminen), elokuvat ja valokuvaus

"My passions are music and cinema; I love rock music. I have been playing the guitar and the bass for 3 years and I'm part of a band, we are an beginners and we play covers only but we have fun. I'm also learning the basics of editing and directing by creating short amateur videos.

Since I was a child I have practiced many sports. I really love trekking: taking long walks in the mountains or in the woods makes me very happy. Sometimes I work as a dog sitter for a dog of friends or I keep company to a 94-year-old lady...it is amazing to stay with her.  Sometimes I volunteer with a Catholic association that offers hospitality and meals to migrants and to the needy.”


Amelie, 17v, Thaimaa

Amelie-tyttö saapuu Suomeen elokuussa 2019, 10 kuukaudeksi.​

Amelien perheeseen kuuluu vanhemmat, 18-vuotias sisko ja isoisä. 

Harrastukset: englannin opiskelu (videoiden katsominen, erityisesti Ted Talks Youtubessa), laulaminen, lukeminen sekä sulkapallon ja lentopallon pelaaminen

”My break routine: doing Pilates at home (A physical fitness system helping to tone our muscle), doing intermittent fasting (a pattern of eating to lose weight and improve health) which requires cooking and doing food prep, watching English moves, reading English psychological novels, learning basic French, memorizing English words and studying English by taking an English test.”


Rin, 16v, Thaimaa

Rin-tyttö saapuu Suomeen elokuussa 2019, 10 kuukaudeksi.​

Rinin perheeseen kuuluu vanhemmat ja 12-vuotias sisko. 

Harrastukset: musiikin kuuntelu, laulaminen, tanssiminen, ilmajooga, pyöräily, lukeminen, kirjoittaminen ja valokuvaus

”I have many hobbies that I love to do. I like to go for a walk with my earphone and my favorite song. Dancing make me feel so good! I love to sing the song. You can feel like you falling in the song that you listening it. I like to reading and writing too! I like to know about the stories of everything that fun or full of emotion. I have my fiction that I wrote it by myself too. 

Like go for a walk, cooking, cover dance, listening to music, reading, writing, take a photography, watch my favorite artist and find something new to learn and try to do it. I love many kind of music but the most favorite is “Ballad, Easy listening, Pop and R&B.”