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Isäntäperheeksi syksyllä 2021

Devon 17v, USA (Colorado), lukuvuosi 2021-2022

Amerikkalainen Devon-poika on syntynyt marraskuussa 2003. Hänen perheeseensä kuuluu vanhemmat sekä 17-vuotias isoveli, 11-vuotias pikkuveli ja 7-vuotias pikkusisko 

Harrastukset:  Pelit, digitaide, tietokoneet, origami, kitaransoitto ja ruoanlaitto

Kielitaito: Devon on opiskellut vähän espanjaa

I have quite a large family which can be hectic at times, but they are all unique in their own ways. My family includes my mom, dad, younger sister, and my two brothers, older and younger respectively. Alongside my family we have four pets, three cats and a little puppy. We are all very busy, but we try our best to spend time together whenever possible.

I really love learning about something that isn't what I do in my day-to-day life, such as learning about a different culture. Also, I love digital drawing, origami, games, and playing the guitar. I love to listen to music or read when I have nothing else to keep my idle mind occupied. But above all else, I love to cook. There’s nothing better than to throw something together and know what you’re eating is cooked by you.

Mae 16v, USA (Massachusetts), lukuvuosi 2021-2022

Amerikkalainen Mae-tyttö on syntynyt kesäkuussa 2005. Hänen perheeseensä kuuluu vanhemmat sekä 9-, 11- ja 14-vuotiaat veljet.

Harrastukset: Baletti, teatteri, viulun soitto, kuoro.

Kielitaito: Mae on opiskellut vähän ranskaa ja viittomakieltä.

I am from a small town in New England, and I live with my mom, my dad, and my three younger brothers. I also have a dog, a cat, five chickens, and some fish! We love to have movie nights or sit by the fire and do puzzles or build with Legos.

I love to perform, and be onstage, and I am very creative! I have trained in classical ballet for eight years, and dancing is one of my favorite things. I am mostly a ballerina, but I am always open and excited to learn new types of dance! I love musical theater, acting, and singing, and I have been in many shows locally. Another thing that is very important to me is that I play the viola in the string orchestra at school.

Peach 16v, Thaimaa, lukuvuosi 2021-22

Thaimaalainen Peach-tyttö on syntynyt maaliskuussa 2005. Hän asuu vanhempiensa, isoäitinsä ja 17-vuotiaan isoveljensä kanssa.

Harrastukset:  piirtäminen, K-pop

Kielitaito: Peach on opiskellut englannin lisäksi vähän ranskaa ja japania.

I live in a little province in North East of Thailand called "Yasothon". We have a famous thing in my province is rocket festival, the weather in Thailand mostly hot and raily, I have 5 members in my family: my father, mother, grandmother, brother and me. Every Friday evening my mom and my dad will come to school to take me home because I live in a dorm at school, my school and my home are in different provinces.

I really enjoy drawing and dancing because I like to use my imagination to think about a thing I want to happen, I also a clumsy person when I dance I can get hurt too. I adore to listen to music, mostly K-pop, sometimes I listen to Jazz or Indie music, it's the thing that makes me be creative in my head. I'm very interested in volleyball and basketball but I don't have any skills about volleyball.

 Poom 16v, Thaimaa, lukuvuosi 2021-22

Thaimaalainen Poom-poika on syntynyt maaliskuussa 2005. Hän asuu vanhempiensa kanssa.

Harrastukset: Urheilu (lenkkeily, koripallo, jalkapallo, pöytätennis), pianon ja kitaran soitto, laulaminen, ruoanlaitto

Kielitaito: Poom on opiskellut englannin lisäksi kiinaa.

Almost every weekend me and my dad are always going to do some sports such as basketball and football. Running is also my favourite sport. Furthermore, my another hobby is playing music such as guitar, piano and singing. 

My mom is a head of purchasing in VPF Group company which is the integrated pork industry. My father is an Associate Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary, Kasetsart University n Bangkok. My dad always return home to Chiangmai on weekends and getting back to work in Bangkok on weekdays. My house is quite pleasant as we have backyard with small garden for us to chill out. In addition, my house has two fish ponds and some natural birds. However, I love to have pets such as dogs and cats as well.

 Nan 16v, Thaimaa, lukuvuosi 2021-22

Thaimaalainen Nan-tyttö on syntynyt syyskuussa 2004. Hän asuu vanhempiensa kanssa.

Harrastukset: Musiikin kuuntelu, elokuvat, lentopallo.

Kielitaito: Nan on opiskellut englannin lisäksi kiinaa.

I’m from Thailand, Chonburi Province in my country it have a many location, Pattaya beach, Bangsan beach. I live in a small house with my farther and my mentor. And my mother she live in another house.

I love music in all its parts. I also like to watch movies. My favorite sport is volleyball. I have played for 2 years. I love reading fiction. Reading has been my favorite hobby since I was 13 years old because of my friends told me its very funny and very excited so I try to read. And I really like it. Its like I watching a movie. But the movie I just watch and listen but the fiction I read and imagination.

 Elena 17v, Italia, lukuvuosi 2021-2022

Italialainen Elena-tyttö on syntynyt toukokuussa 2004. Hän asuu vanhempiensa, 6-vuotiaan pikkuveljensä ja 14-vuotiaan pikkusiskonsa kanssa.

Harrastukset: Laulaminen, latinotanssi, patikointi ja politiikka.

Kielitaito: Elena on opiskellut englannin lisäksi saksaa, latinaa ja kreikkaa. 

I live in a small village in the north of Italy. I have two siblings younger that me and I have a good relationship with them. When my parents are at work I have to look after my siblings, particularly after my little brother. At home I help a lot my mum with house hold chores, I cook, I wash dishes, I clean regularly my bedroom and I help her with my grandparents that live near of my house.

I like music and sport in general. I really like singing pop music and dancing Latin-American dance. I also like hiking in my wood or in mountains too because I like to stay in contact with the nature!

 Riccardo 17v, Italia, lukuvuosi 2021-2022

Italialainen Riccardo-poika on syntynyt kesäkuussa 2004. Hän asuu vanhempiensa ja isoisänsä kanssa, ja hänellä on 30-vuotias isosisko. 

Harrastukset:  kielet, piirtäminen, ulkoilu, maantiede, NFL, musiikin kuuntelu, aikido

Kielitaito: Riccardo on opiskellut englannin lisäksi saksaa, ranskaa, espanjaa ja norjaa.

I live with my family, which is made up of my mother, father and grtandfather; I also have a sister but she lives and works in the UK. I am currently attending my third year of high school, which is specialized in languages so I study German and French at school as well as English, but I love to constantly learn about new languages and their most unique features.

I love outdoors; every once in a while we drive to the mountains and spend a day or two there since they're not too far from where we live; it's extremely relaxing as it offers an alternative to the city where I live in. I like to draw especially landscapes of mountains, glens and forests, which I absolutely adore as they help me relax and teleport me to a calm and soothing world far away from caos. I also listen to music a lot. These days I stay at home a lot because schools are closed and it's not recommended to go out in general, which also means I can't practice my sport; aikido, which I took up just last year, but in the past I have tried several sports including rock climbing, fencing, swimming andvolley; although I'm not very good at the last two now. I don't follow football, unlike most people here, but I do follow other sports like American football and a bit of baseball.

Geography and geopolitics are probably two of my biggest interests and surely the fields which I am most knowledgeable on: I think this is because I'm very curious person who's always on the lookout for other peculiar and interesting customs and traditions.

 Andrea 16v, Italia, 3kk syksyllä 2021

Italialainen Andrea-poika on syntynyt heinäkuussa 2004. Hän asuu vanhempiensa ja 18-vuotiaan isosiskonsa kanssa. 

Harrastukset:  herkkujen valmistus, videopelit, sarjojen katsominen, koirien kanssa leikkiminen

Kielitaito: Andrea on opiskellut englannin lisäksi ranskaa.

I have lived in a small town in northern Italy since I was boen; even if it is not so big it has a lot of things to do. My parents have their own company and my sister attends the last year of a technical school for tourism. I am attending the third year in a Hotel and Catering school, I am studying to become a chef. In particular I would like to specialize in bakery, infact one of my faverite hobbies is baking cakes and sweets.

In my free time I enjoy playing video games with which I'm able to talk online with my friends. Also I am passionate about cinema. I love watching series on Netflix and films, especially cop movies. I would love to watch movies in other languages, in order to improve them.

I'm not a very sporty person, in fact I never found my ideal sport. I have tried football, basketball, tennis, swimming, kickboxing, rock-climbing and canoeing; none of them was the right one but I would be happy to try something new, I'm open for new experiences!

On Sundays I like to spend my time with my two dogs, I live in the countryside so they have so much space to run; we often do some great walks together. I really love dogs but in general I like all the nimals; I had five squirrels, cats, canaries and water turtles.

 Kyoka 17v, Japani, lukuvuosi 2021-2022

Japanilainen Kyoka-tyttö on syntynyt syyskuussa 2003. Hän asuu vanhempiensa ja 13-vuotiaan pikkusiskonsa kanssa. 

Harrastukset:  retkeily, vaeltaminen, lukeminen, laulaminen, taidekoulu, piirtäminen

Kielitaito: Kyoka on opiskellut englannin lisäksi vähän suomea.

Kyoka was born and raised in a country town of Japan full of nature. Since she was small she has loved being in the nature playing in the mountains and rivers. When she is at home, she spends her time quietly by reading and drawing. When she is with her friends, Kyoka is like any other girls of her age. She enjoys going shopping or to a cinema and chatting together about the interestd they share.

Kyoka's first interest towards overseas started when she read Harry Potter for the first time in elementary school. She became curious what the world is like and how people are living. Through growing up in Japan, she gradually started questioning about gender equality. Japan traditionally divides people by their gender and Kyoka became unsure if this is right. At the same time, she learned about the Finnish prime minister. It was a surprise for Kyoka that a young female person would be elected. It will not happen in Japan at least for a long time ahead. She learned about the value of equalty in Finland and became curious to learn about the education, lifestyle and how people think in Finland. She is also eager to experince the cold winter, sauna and northern lights.


Yeming 16v, Kiina, lukuvuosi 2021-2022

Kiinalainen Yeming-poika on syntynyt huhtikuussa 2005. Hän asuu vanhempiensa kanssa. 

Harrastukset: Hyönteiset, anime, kukkien kasvatus, valokuvaus, pyöräily, lenkkeily ja kalliokiipeily. 

Kielitaito: englanti

I live in a beautiful city which have population of four million in northwest China. It has long history and beautiful scenery. My father is a vice general manager of a company. He is busy with his work. He often comes home late. My mother is a math teacher. She works in the education bureau in my city. 

I have many hobbies, such as entomology, anime, chemistry, physics and history. I like entomology best. I spend a lot of time researching insects in my daily life. I feed insects at home in order to observe and research their living habits. At present, I have published three pieces of thesis about entomology in core journals and I have won prizes in science and technology competition.

My second hobby is anime. I usually watch Japanese animations and comics in my spare time. I also like chemistry and physics. I often do some experiments about physics and chemistry at home. In addition, I like sports as well. I usually do running and cycling in my daily life.

Peggy 16v, Taiwan, lukuvuosi 2021-2022

Taiwanilainen Peggy-tyttö on syntynyt lokakuussa 2004. Hänen perheeseensä kuuluu vanhemmat sekä 17-vuotias isosisko. 

Harrastukset:  Linqinin (kiinalainen mandoliini) soitto, musiikin kuuntelu ja lenkkeily

I've been learning to play Liuqin since I was seven years old. Even though I've been busy studying school subjects every day since I was in ninth grade, I'll still practice playing the Liuqin every day. I also managed to win music competitions when I'm in 6th and 8th grade.

In my free time, I like listening to music, reading novels or jogging, swimming, and so on. During the holidays, I want to go to the concert hall with my family to see the performance, or rent movies and watch it at home. Moreover, I like to go hiking with my family, not only can exercise but also enjoy bathing in natural surroundings.

I went to Finland for ten days in January 2019, and my first impression of it was the cold winter. When I got to Inari, there was heavy snow. Although the cold weather was challenging for Taiwanese to adapt to, the air was much fresher than Taiwan's. Furthermore, the streets were also clean.

Célestine, 16v, Ranska, lukuvuosi 2021-2022

Ranskalainen Célestine-tyttö on syntynyt lokakuussa 2004. Hänen perheeseensä kuuluu vanhemmat.

Harrastukset: Näytteleminen, piirtäminen, taidemuseot, pianon- ja viulunsoitto

Kielitaito: Englannin lisäksi Célestine on opiskellut saksaa.

I live in the East of France, in Moselle. Our region is a border region, Indeed, we are living near Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.

I enjoy spending time with my parents. For example, we often play board games together, we also watch a lot of movies and I walk a lot with my mom in the huge park that we have in my town. Sometimes I draw with my dad, as he is an architect, he is extremely talented;) My parents are both working in Luxembourg.

I enjoy doing a lot of things during my free time. Drama is one of my passions. I love music as well as drama. Indeed, I played the viola for five years when I was younger, and I started again this year. Since last year I started to play piano and I really love it. Moreover, I like to sing. Finally, I love to listen to music. Even though I do not take art lessons, drawing is one of my main hobbies.

I chose Finland because I met an exchange student from Finland in my school last year. She was speaking so well of her country that I did some research about it, which totally convinced me that I wanted to spend my exchange year there.

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