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Ajattele kuinka jännittävää olisi saada mukava vaihto-oppilas kotiisi jostakin mielenkiintoisesta maasta kuten esim. USA, Kanada, Japani, Saksa, Ranska, Italia tai Meksiko.

Jaatte perheenne arjen ja juhlan, teillä on mukavia yhteisiä hetkiä ja kokemuksia, joita muistelette lämmöllä vielä vuosien kuluttua. 

Vaihto-oppilaan kanssa koko perheenne saa erinomaisen kielikylvyn. 

Kaikki oppilaat puhuvat äidinkielensä lisäksi englantia. He ovat koulunsa suosittelemia, aktiivisia ja motivoituneita nuoria jotka ovat kiinnostuneita  Suomen kulttuurista, luonnosta  koulujärjestelmästä, urheilusta, musiikista jne.

Avaamalla kotiovesi lukuvuodeksi (n. 10 kk) tai lukukaudeksi (n. 5 kk) annat yhdelle mukavalle nuorelle maailmalta ainutlaatuisen kokemuksen saada asua suomalaisessa perheessä, oppia kielemme, tavat ja kulttuuri.  Näette Suomen aivan uusin silmin.  

Vastavuoroisesti  hän rikastuttaa perheenne elämää tuomalla teille palasen kotimaansa kulttuuria. Tulette aina olemaan arvostettu toinen perhe.

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Sopisiko amerikkalainen, italialainen, saksalainen, tai kenties thaimaalainen vaihto-oppilas teidän kotiinne tuomaan kansainvälisen tuulahduksen?

Etsimme perheitä keväällä 2021 saapuville oppilaille

  Giulia, Italia, 17v (kevätlukukausi 2021)

Italialainen Giulia-tyttö on syntynyt toukokuussa 2003. Hänen perheeseensä kuuluu vanhemmat ja 22-vuotias isosisko.

Harrastukset: Ruoanlaitto, lukeminen, televisiosarjojen katsominen ja musiikin kuuntelu

Kielitaito: Giulia on opiskellut englannin lisäksi espanjaa.

I live here with my parents and my older sister. We live far away frm the city, as we all anjoy the nature.

I have just finished my eleventh year of high school; I study healthcare biotechnologies. I really enjoy goingto school, I am really passionat about the subjects that I study: my favourites are anatomy, organic and analytical chemistry and biology, but I always really liked studying English. 

I really love baking and cooking in general. I cook every day for my family, and I mostly bake in the weekends. I really love experiencing in the kitchen, whether it's pasta or cakes or cookies we are talking about. I also really love reading and watching movies or tv shows. My favourite tv shows of all times are definately Sherlock and Dr House, and I have some favourite movie as well: The Martian, The notebook, Clueless and many more. I have also read and seen all the Harry Potter book and movies countless times.

During the summer one of my favourite activities is to help at children's summer camps. I really love it because working woth children is really fun, and we always have a good time prepairing all the activities and games for the following weeks all together.

  Rachele 17v, Italia (Suomessa kevätlukukauden 2021)

Italialainen Rachele-tyttö on syntynyt maaliskuussa 2003. Hänen perheeseensä kuuluu vanhemmat ja 8-vuotias pikkusisko.

Harrastukset: Judo, piirtäminen, lukeminen, elokuvat, musiikin kuuntelu

Kielitaito: englannin lisäksi Rachele on opiskellut ranskaa

I live with my mom, my stepdad, and my step sister; I go to my dad’s house on the weekend and sometimes during the week; we all get along well, even if I and my sister argue very often…

I live in a wonderful city near a lake and the mountains, during a very period of the year you can see beautiful landscapes.

I am a very active girl and I love all kinds of sports. When I was little, I played a lot of sports, such as volleyball and karate, and I’ve practiced ballet for ten years, but after I’m much time it got boring and I started Judo, at fourteen years old. I usually train twice a week, I sometimes help my teachers with the little kids. When I have time I go swimming, to strengthen my back and my arms since I don’t go to the gym. I have never missed a match, and in just three years I’ve competed in eight provincial tournaments and four regional qualifications, I’m looking forward to winning an Italian championship someday, but for now, I give my all to the regular matches.

Music has played a big role in my life, and in fact, I still love it: I don’t have a favourite song or kind of music, because what really matters to me is the lyrics, even though right now I mostly listen to rap, another hobby of mine and reading like favorite books are mostly thrillers.

Lukuvuosi 2021- 2022

Ethan 16v, USA (Florida), lukuvuosi 2021-2022

Amerikkalainen Ethan-poika on syntynyt elokuussa 2004. Hänen perheeseensä kuuluu vanhemmat sekä 10- ja 12-vuotiaat pikkusiskot. 

Harrastukset:  Valokuvaus, digitaide, matematiikkakerho

Kielitaito: Ethan on opiskellut viittomakieltä

I live in the US within the sunny state of Florida. I’m an avid photographer and I like to think of myself as a pretty good one at that. I enjoy taking photos of landscapes, plants, and nature all around. Along with that, I like to go the extra step and enhance the images in photo-editing software like photoshop and lightroom, which make the images pop like something out of a magazine. I take interest in digital art and graphic design that can be used in tandem with my photography experience or as a professional job. I’m also an active member of Mu Alpha Theta (or MAO), a friendly but equally competitive math honors society in which I participate in competitions across the country.

Devon 16v, USA (Colorado), lukuvuosi 2021-2022

Amerikkalainen Devon-poika on syntynyt marraskuussa 2003. Hänen perheeseensä kuuluu vanhemmat sekä 17-vuotias isoveli, 11-vuotias pikkuveli ja 7-vuotias pikkusisko 

Harrastukset:  Pelit, digitaide, tietokoneet, origami, kitaransoitto ja ruoanlaitto

Kielitaito: Devon on opiskellut vähän espanjaa

I have quite a large family which can be hectic at times, but they are all unique in their own ways. My family includes my mom, dad, younger sister, and my two brothers, older and younger respectively. Alongside my family we have four pets, three cats and a little puppy. We are all very busy, but we try our best to spend time together whenever possible.

I really love learning about something that isn't what I do in my day-to-day life, such as learning about a different culture. Also, I love digital drawing, origami, games, and playing the guitar. I love to listen to music or read when I have nothing else to keep my idle mind occupied. But above all else, I love to cook. There’s nothing better than to throw something together and know what you’re eating is cooked by you.

Peggy 16v, Taiwan, lukuvuosi 2021-2022

Taiwanilainen Peggy-tyttö on syntynyt lokakuussa 2004. Hänen perheeseensä kuuluu vanhemmat sekä 17-vuotias isosisko. 

Harrastukset:  Linqinin (kiinalainen mandoliini) soitto, musiikin kuuntelu ja lenkkeily

I've been learning to play Liuqin since I was seven years old. Even though I've been busy studying school subjects every day since I was in ninth grade, I'll still practice playing the Liuqin every day. I also managed to win music competitions when I'm in 6th and 8th grade.

In my free time, I like listening to music, reading novels or jogging, swimming, and so on. During the holidays, I want to go to the concert hall with my family to see the performance, or rent movies and watch it at home. Moreover, I like to go hiking with my family, not only can exercise but also enjoy bathing in natural surroundings.

I went to Finland for ten days in January 2019, and my first impression of it was the cold winter. When I got to Inari, there was heavy snow. Although the cold weather was challenging for Taiwanese to adapt to, the air was much fresher than Taiwan's. Furthermore, the streets were also clean.


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